what is level 1 granite

What Is Level 1 Granite?

Hi, my name’s Greg Fox, I’m the owner of Fox Granite Countertops, and I want you guys to send in your emails. We have a submission, a Contact Us page–any question you have, we’re going to be doing this video blog every few weeks to answer all the most sought-after questions. So far, the number one topic is, what is a level one? Why do we, as fabricators, use it so often? We don’t even say “granite,” we just say “level one.”

cleaning granite countertops

Stone Care

Stone is 100% natural and may react adversely to cleaning chemicals and acids not intended for stone care use. This is the reason why acidic substances such as wine, spaghetti sauce, and harsh chemicals must be removed from the surface of the stone immediately. We suggest using an over-the-counter cleaning product specifically for granite countertops,…