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Quartz & Granite Countertop Repair in Central Texas

Bathroom & Kitchen Countertop Repair & Maintenance

At Fox Granite, we specialize in installing new countertops. However, if you’re set on repairing the countertop you already have, we will do our best to make it look as good as possible. In the interest of managing expectations, we would like to note that there is no easy fix for granite or quartz countertop repairs. The only way your countertop will look like new is if you replace it with a new one.

Nevertheless, please don’t hesitate to email us a picture of your damaged countertop. We might not be able to make it look perfect, but there’s always at least something we can do.

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Kitchen Countertop Repair

Fox Granite Countertops has been repairing solid surface kitchen countertops for 8 years. We can handle just about any granite or quartz countertop repair job, whether it’s cleaning, polishing, sealing, stain removal, or a thorough repair. Our experts will work dutifully until we’ve repaired your chipped or cracked countertop as much as realistically possible.

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Bathroom Countertop Repair

At Fox Granite, we take pride in our work. Whether your bathroom countertop is chipped or cracked, our team of experts can repair it to the point that it looks as good as it can. If your bathroom sink is damaged as well, we offer both oval and rectangular style sinks for your convenience. Again, not all chips and cracks can be repaired, and cracked sinks can be difficult to swap out unless you have an exact duplicate. If a repair is possible, though, we’ll make it happen.

Premium Countertop Repair in Central Texas

Want to know more about our countertop repair process? Our team can walk you through each step of how we repair kitchen and bathroom countertops. Just email us a picture of your damaged countertop for a free consultation.