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Marble Countertops in Central Texas

Looking for the highest-quality marble countertops for your Central Texas home? Look no further than Fox and our exceptional marble countertop installation offerings in Central Texas. Discover the widest array of marble choices when you select Fox.

About Our Marble Countertop Installation Services

Choosing Fox for marble countertops in Central Texas and nearby regions ensures that you’re selecting the industry’s finest. Our crew consists of marble countertop specialists well-versed in the various types of marble they handle and install daily. Whether your preference is for a timeless and elegant marble countertop or a unique and extraordinary design, Fox has the perfect option to suit your taste. Rely on the professionals at Fox for exceptional marble countertop installation in Central Texas.

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Types of Marble Countertops

brazilian calcatta granite
Brazilian Calacatta
carrara silver granite
Carrara Silver
fantasy grey granite
Fantasy Grey
fantasy brown granite
Fantasy Brown
zebra stripe granite
Zebra Stripe

Professional Marble Countertop Installation in Central Texas

Seasoned Experts

Fox is guided by skilled marble countertop professionals boasting over 15 years in the construction sector. Our family-operated countertop store has been delivering exceptional craftsmanship and expert knowledge on marble countertop ventures in Central Texas since 2010.

Detailed Preparation

Upon selecting us as your Central Texas marble supplier, we will diligently orchestrate your marble countertop installation project. The process begins with two well-planned in-home consultations: the first for measuring and templating your marble countertops, and the second for their installation.

Exceptional Workmanship

Fox provides top-notch slabs for the creation of our marble countertops. Our talented artisans meticulously shape these marble slabs using specialized tools and entirely by hand. Subsequently, they are crafted and refined to present you with a pristine, smooth marble countertop.

What is Marble?

Marble is a metamorphic rock primarily composed of recrystallized calcite or dolomite minerals. It originates from limestone or dolostone that has undergone heat and pressure in the Earth’s crust, leading to a transformation in texture and composition. Marble is typically characterized by its wide array of colors and intricate veining patterns. As a result of its elegant appearance, resilience, and weight, polished marble serves as an exceptional material for kitchen countertops.

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Why Choose Fox for Marble Countertops in Central Texas?

At Fox, we offer a vast array of marble slabs for your kitchen or bathroom renovation endeavors. Boasting one of the finest selections of marble countertops in Central Texas, we serve as your one-stop shop for remodeling projects. We guide you through the design journey, conduct precise measurements, and personally cut the marble slabs, guaranteeing custom marble countertops that seamlessly fit and endure the test of time.

Our Marble Countertop Installation Process



Your journey with Fox commences with a complimentary consultation, featuring a quote based on your project’s scope. We then offer suggestions on countertop styles that best align with your preferences and requirements. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest interior design trends to present the most suitable options to enhance your home.

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At Fox, we take pride in meticulously planning each of our marble countertop installation projects. This involves obtaining the dimensions of your countertops, including your sink, dishwasher, and other appliances on-site during the consultation. For more complex layouts, we employ the overlay template method, enabling you and our team to visualize the countertop arrangement.

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With the necessary measurements and template in hand, we proceed to our fabrication workshop to begin cutting the marble and crafting your countertop. Utilizing cutting-edge stone-cutting software, we deliver precision-cut marble slabs that match the dimensions and template established during the initial consultation. Your marble is then thoroughly polished and readied for installation at your residence.

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Upon completion of the fabrication process, the installation phase begins. Upon arrival, we position your countertops, set the sink, and drill all required faucet holes. Following this, we apply a coat of sealer before concluding the task and tidying up. Should you have any inquiries during the installation, our knowledgeable crew leaders are available to address them at any time.

About Fox Granite

For more than ten years, Fox has held a prominent position in the marble countertop installation industry in Central Texas. Our competitively-priced fabrication and installation solutions have established us as the foremost marble countertop installers throughout Central Texas. Rely on our team of marble specialists to apply their expertise and deliver outstanding service and workmanship on each project we undertake.

Our Marble Countertop Installation Service Area

Fox delivers marble countertop installation services across the Central Texas region. We provide an extensive variety of marble cuts, hues, and patterns to select from, all at a competitive cost. Our team will visit your residence to offer a completely free estimate and present samples for you to choose the ideal option for your countertops. Fox is committed to guiding you through each step, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction with your new marble countertops. For a reputable supplier of marble countertops in the Central Texas area, choose Fox.

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Marble Countertop: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to clean spills off of marble countertops?

Marble countertops are slightly porous and more susceptible to staining compared to some other materials like granite or quartz. However, cleaning spills off marble countertops is not particularly difficult if you act promptly. Wipe up any spills immediately using a soft cloth or paper towel to prevent stains from penetrating the surface. For a more thorough cleaning, use a gentle, pH-neutral cleaner specifically designed for marble, or a solution of mild dish soap and water. Avoid using abrasive or acidic cleaners, as they may etch or damage the marble surface. Regular sealing can also help protect your marble countertops from staining and make cleaning spills easier.

Do marble countertops chip or crack easily?

Marble countertops are relatively softer and more porous than materials like granite or quartz, making them somewhat more prone to chipping or cracking. However, when properly installed and maintained, marble countertops can still be durable and long-lasting.

To minimize the risk of chipping or cracking, avoid dropping heavy objects on the surface, and always use cutting boards instead of cutting directly on the countertop. Additionally, refrain from standing or sitting on the countertops, as excessive weight or pressure can cause cracks. Regular sealing can help protect the marble from stains and further damage, and prompt attention to any chips or cracks will ensure the longevity of your marble countertops.

How is marble formed?

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from the metamorphism of limestone or dolostone, which are sedimentary rocks primarily composed of calcite or dolomite minerals. The metamorphism process occurs when the limestone or dolostone is subjected to high temperature, pressure, or both, deep within the Earth’s crust.

During the metamorphic process, the original minerals in the parent rock recrystallize, resulting in changes to the rock’s texture, composition, and crystal structure. The heat and pressure cause the calcite or dolomite minerals to recrystallize into larger, interlocking crystals, creating the characteristic veining and swirls in marble. This process also gives marble its uniform, crystalline appearance and its unique colors, which are often influenced by the presence of other minerals and impurities in the parent rock.

Why is my new marble countertop already cracked?

It is possible that what you perceive as a crack in your new marble countertop is actually a natural fissure or vein within the composition of the stone. Marble is a metamorphic rock, and its formation process often results in unique veining patterns and various mineral inclusions that contribute to its overall appearance.

Fissures are naturally occurring features in marble that form during the stone’s creation. They result from stress, pressure, and heat, causing the stone to fracture slightly. While fissures may appear like cracks, they are an integral part of the marble’s structure and do not compromise its integrity. In fact, these fissures can add character and uniqueness to the marble slab.

However, if you are concerned about the appearance of your countertop, it is advisable to consult with the supplier or installer to assess the situation and determine if the “crack” is indeed a natural fissure or a defect that needs to be addressed.

Will knives scratch my marble countertops?

Marble countertops are more susceptible to scratches than granite due to their softer nature. While granite scores a 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale and cannot be scratched by a standard kitchen knife, marble has a lower hardness score, typically ranging between 3 and 5. Based on the Mohs Hardness Scale, a knife can scratch materials with a hardness of 5.5 or under.

As a result, it is essential to take precautions when using knives on marble countertops. Always use cutting boards rather than cutting directly on the countertop surface to avoid scratching and maintain the beauty and longevity of your marble countertops.

Should I use my marble countertop as a cutting board?

It is not advisable to use your marble countertop as a cutting board. Although marble is a durable and attractive material, it is softer and more porous than some other countertop materials like granite or quartz. Using your marble countertop as a cutting board may result in scratches and other damage to the surface, as well as potentially dulling your knives.

To protect your marble countertop and maintain its beauty and longevity, always use a separate cutting board when preparing food. This will not only prevent scratches but also help avoid any potential staining from acidic or colored foods that could mar the marble surface. Additionally, regular sealing and proper maintenance will help ensure your marble countertop remains in excellent condition.

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