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Are you looking for the highest quality granite countertops for your Central Texas home? Look no further than Fox Granite and our granite countertop installation services in Central Texas. Choose from the widest range of granite options when you choose Fox Granite.

About Our Central Texas Granite Countertop Installation Service

When you choose Fox Granite for granite countertops in Central Texas, you can rest assured knowing that you’re choosing the best in the business. Our team is made up of Granite countertop professionals that know everything there is to know about the different kinds of granite that they install and work with every day. Whether you’re looking for something simple and classic in your granite countertop, or something rare and exotic, Fox Granite has exactly what you’re looking for. For Granite countertop installation in Central Texas, trust the experts at Fox Granite.

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Types of Granite Countertops

Level 1 Granite for Countertops

At Fox Granite Countertops, nearly 80% of the jobs we are contracted for involve granite countertop installations. For the majority of those installations, clients choose to use Level 1 Granite. Also known as entry level granite, Level 1 Granite is a durable and high quality countertop option. Compared to other granite slabs, Level 1 Granite is less likely to acquire stains over time. Best of all, Level 1 Granite is affordable without sacrificing quality or style.

With over a decade in the granite countertop industry, Fox Granite offers a wide selection of Level 1 Granite options, such as Giallo West or Black Pearl granite. Our entry level granite slabs come in various colors and are custom-cut to fit your kitchen or bathroom.

Exotic Granite for Countertops

Exotic granite is known for being rare and inconsistent. As the uniqueness of a granite slab increases, so does its price. Opting to go with exotic granite for your kitchen countertops can be more expensive and require more maintenance while sacrificing durability. Have no fear, though! If exotic granite countertops are what you prefer for your Austin, TX home, you must simply take additional steps to care for their countertops. This means paying extra attention to your granite sealer’s lifecycle and following the granite countertop guidelines outlined in our Stone Care page.

Professional Granite Countertop Installation in Central Texas

Experienced Specialists

Fox Granite is led by experienced granite countertop specialists with over 15 years in the construction industry. Since 2010, our family-owned countertop shop has provided our expertise and superior work on granite countertop projects in Central Texas.

Meticulous Planning

After choosing us as your Central Texas granite provider, we will thoroughly plan your granite countertop installation project. We start by preparing you for two in-home appointments: one for measuring and templating your granite countertops and one for installing them.

Superior Craftsmanship

Fox Granite offers high quality slabs to craft our granite countertops from. Our skilled craftsmen transform these granite slabs entirely by hand using specialized tools. Then, they’re fabricated and polished to give you a new, smooth granite countertop.

What is Granite?

Granite is a coarse-grained igneous rock composed primarily of quartz and feldspars, with trace amounts of mica. It’s formed when liquid magma cools in the ground, creating a substance that resembles the durability of a diamond. Granite typically features an impressive display of colors and patterns and is, by far, the most common rock found in the Earth’s outer crust. Due to its appearance, durability and weight, polished granite is an excellent material to use on kitchen countertops!

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What Makes Our Granite Countertops Unique?

At Fox Granite Countertops, we carry an immense selection of granite slabs for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. With one of the best selections of granite countertops in Central Texas, your remodeling project begins and ends with us. We walk you through the design process, take measurements, and cut the granite slabs ourselves, ensuring you receive custom granite countertops that fit perfectly and stand the test of time!

Our Granite Countertop Installation Process



Your experience with Fox Granite will begin with a free consultation, which includes a quote based on the scope of your project. From here, we’ll make recommendations on the style of countertops that best match your wants and needs. We’ll present you with options we best think will accent your home, and always stay in the loop with the latest interior design trends.

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At Fox Granite, we pride ourselves on always thoroughly planning out each and every one of our granite countertop installation projects. This includes acquiring the measurements of your countertops, including your sink, dishwasher, and other appliances on-site during the consultation. For more complicated layouts, we use the overlay template method, allowing you as well as our team to physicalize the layout of your countertops.

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Once we’ve got the necessary measurements and template, we’ll bring this to our fabrication shop to start cutting the granite and creating your countertop. Thanks to our state-of-the-art stone-cutting software, we’re able to deliver precision cut granite slabs that match the measurements and template we created during the initial consultation. Your granite will then be thoroughly polished and prepared to be installed at your home.

beige granite kitchen sink and cooking area


Now that the fabrication process has been completed, it’s time for the installation. Once we arrive, we’ll place your countertops, set the sink in place, and drill all necessary faucet holes. We’ll then apply a coat of sealer before finishing the job and cleaning up. If you have any questions during the installation process, feel free to ask our knowledgeable crew leaders at any time.

Take a Look at Some of Our Granite Work

Our Granite Countertop Services

At Fox Granite, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet all your granite countertop needs. Our expertise spans beyond mere installation, encompassing a range of specialized services to ensure your granite countertops not only look stunning but also function impeccably within your space.

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Countertop Edges

A countertop's edge can significantly impact its overall appearance and functionality. We offer a variety of edge profiles, from the sleek and modern to the intricate and detailed, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your countertops to perfectly match your home’s aesthetic. Whether you prefer the clean lines of a flat edge, the elegance of a bevel, or the sophistication of an ogee edge, our team will work with you to select and craft the ideal edge for your countertops.

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Sink Installation

Integrating a sink into your granite countertop is a critical part of the installation process, requiring precise cutouts and careful consideration of plumbing connections. At Fox Granite, we provide expert sink installation services, ensuring your sink not only fits seamlessly with your new granite countertops but also meets all functional requirements for daily use. We can accommodate a wide range of sink styles, including under-mount, top-mount, and farmhouse sinks, aligning with your design preferences and practical needs.

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Granite is renowned for its durability; however, accidents and wear over time can lead to chips, cracks, or stains. Our repair services are designed to address these issues, restoring the beauty and integrity of your granite countertops. Utilizing color-matched epoxy or resin, we carefully fill and seal any damaged areas, meticulously polishing the repaired spots to blend seamlessly with the surrounding surface. Our goal is to extend the lifespan of your countertops, ensuring they remain a cherished part of your home for years to come.

About Fox Granite

For over a decade, Fox Granite has been the industry leader in granite countertop installation in Central Texas. Through our competitively-priced fabrication and installation services, we’ve cemented our reputation as the top granite countertop installers in the area. Trust our team of granite experts to bring their knowledge together to provide superior service and work on each and every project that comes our way.

Our Granite Countertop Installation Service Area

Fox Granite provides its quartz and granite countertop installation in Austin and the surrounding areas! We offer a wide selection of granite cuts, designs, and colors for you to choose from, all at an affordable price. Our granite countertop experts will travel to your Austin area home to give you a free quote and provide you with picture samples to help you choose the best option for your kitchen or bathroom. We are here to help you every step of the way and will ensure that you are satisfied with your new countertops. We proudly provide quartz and granite countertop installation services in Austin and nearby areas.

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Granite: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to clean spills off of granite countertops?

Not at all, as cleaning granite countertops is no harder than cleaning standard wooden countertops. Using a mixture of mild soap and water, or ammonia-free window cleaner, you can keep your granite countertops clean and sparkling for years to come. If you do see staining, which is rare for well-sealed granite, you can use a mixture of mild soap and plain water in order to remove this stain. Repeat as many times as necessary until the stain is removed entirely.

Do granite countertops chip or crack easily?

If properly taken care of, granite countertops almost never crack. In order to avoid cracks or chips on your countertop, never sit on the very edge of a granite countertop. Additionally, minimize heat exposure to the granite. When cooking, always set hot pans and pots on pot holders or use a trivet. While granite is very heat resistant, extreme changes in temperature can result in weakening. The shock caused by a hot pan or pot can shock the cold stone, which over time can weaken it and cause it to crack. If you do see a crack, contact the professionals at Fox Granite for granite countertop repair. Without immediate repair, cracks in a granite countertop will continue to spread, and eventually, a portion of the stone will break off entirely.

How is granite formed?

Formed under the earth’s surface, granite is the product of crystallization of once molten material under conditions of extreme heat and pressure over millions of years. Under very high temperatures, the solid rock will begin to melt, and then water will cool it. During this slow cooling process, the larger crystals will grow large enough to be visible, and then these crystals are harvested to create countertops, tables, and other granite using furniture.

Why is my new granite countertop already cracked?

Granite, which features a crystalline structure, often times has natural fissures within its composition that may look like cracks, but these are not defects. These fissures are formed over millions of years and do not in any way impair the durability or function of the stone. Many experienced in granite look for these fissures for their countertops as they find that they add to the natural beauty of the stone.

Will knives scratch my granite countertops?

True granite, as provided by Fox Granite Countertops, cannot be scratched using a standard kitchen knife. Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth. Within the Mohs Hardness Scale, used to identify the hardness of minerals, diamond (hardest materials on earth) scores a 10, while granite scores a 7. Based on the Mohs Hardness Scale, a knife will only be able to scratch something of a 5.5 or under.

Should I use my granite countertops as a cutting board?

While knives won’t damage your granite countertops, granite countertops will dull or destroy your kitchen knives. If you think of the Mohs Hardness Scale as a “which one wins”, a granite countertop will easily beat out your kitchen knives and result in damage to your favorite cooking tools.

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