Fabrication Technology

Along with our highly rated countertops, we can provide additional services upon your request. This supplementary work is designed to enhance your home and bring together the space that your new countertop is in.

Our Granite & Quartz Countertop Fabrication Tools & Technology

We are a full-service granite and quartz countertop business. This means that we handle every facet of your countertop project from consultation and planning, to fabrication and installation. Because we handle every step of the process, it’s crucial that we use the right techniques and technology, so that our process is fast, efficient and that our bottom line works with the average budget.

One of the most important elements of this efficiency is our state of the art fabrication tools and equipment. By using the latest tools and tech, we can help to ensure that your project is done quickly, correctly, and affordably. To help you better understand how we operate so efficiently, we are going to walk through some of the cutting-edge equipment and tools that we use to provide exemplary granite and quartz countertop projects.


The ProLiner Laser 10X

The Proliner Industry Series (IS) is one of the best measuring tools on the market when measuring for granite and quartz slab cuts. This device is  made with a state of the art new wire technology and features built-in water level sensors and a large touch screen. The digital trackers are designed for high-end measuring, reverse engineering and quality control, making them an ideal choice for countertop fabrication.

How the ProLiner Works

The Proliner uses a deceptively simple wire to record precise measurements. The tool’s measuring head can be rotated in every direction, allowing the wire to be dynamically stretched out for several meters. At the end of the wire is a metal measuring pen that can easily mark the relevant points which are then directly translated into a digital DXF CAD file.

This versatility allows the Proliner to measure straight, curved, and complex shapes in an instant, including any slab, in a horizontal, vertical or slanting position. Meaning that we can quickly and accurately create custom countertop pieces for almost any type of kitchen or bathroom project.

ProLiner Advantages

  • One of the most accurate portable measuring tools
  • Fast and easy digital measuring
  • No hinder and inaccuracies from environmental conditions
  • Leveling and targets are not required
  • Check, change and finalize templates on-site
  • Immediate digital output (DXF)
  • Solid and build to last
  • Application-based industry software

Slabsmith - Stone Cutting Software

Having the right physical tools is only half of the battle when creating the perfect granite or quartz piece for a countertop. Fox uses SlabSmith imaging software to help plan the most crucial aspects of your countertop project. By creating a digital version of your slab we can remove things like redundancies or potential snags that would otherwise slow down the fabrication process or leave you with a subpar countertop.

SlabSmith Advantages

  • Creation of dimensional and color accurate digital slab inventory
  • Inspect and digitally track problems on the slab
  • Automatic calculation of internal usable area
  • Generate inventory records with or without taking a picture
  • Generate inventory records from pre-defined templates
  • Creation of slab layouts for projects
  • Define remnants to be returned to inventory
  • Creation of DXF cut files for the digital saw
  • Interactive layouts with high-end customers
  • Generation of hi-rez layout images for customer approval
  • Search for inventory by material, ID, size, etc.
  • View the results of your search, including inspection markup
  • Query the database for hard accounting numbers
  • Determine amount of stock on hand by area, or slab
  • Group and assign slabs to a job
  • Place slabs on a “soft hold” for a potential customer
  • Save JPEGs with names, ID’s and size to send to a customer
  • Review slabs previously consumed.  A complete history of your inventory
  • And more!

The Sasso K600 Saw

The Sasso K600 saw is known for being powerful,  accurate, and reliable. They’re ideal for straight, curved, and inclined cuts as well as profiling with either a blade or finger bit, making them an essential tool for cutting granite and quartz countertops. These machines are Sassomeccanica’s top product and are considered the most accurate and reliable in the market. Compact, versatile and powerful, they allow the team at Fox Granite to efficiently and accurately make the cuts necessary for any type of countertop project.

K600 Advantages

  • One-Piece – Particularly compact and sturdy machine, thanks to its one-piece structure, completely hot dip galvanised
  • Versatile and Powerful – Thanks to its 5 axis, the machine can quickly make straight, oblique or curved cuts, polish profiles, make incisions and bas-relief
  • Easy to Use – Thanks to the touch screen PC and the SASSO software, the K600 saw is very easy to program, and can even generate cutting programs by itself, using the dxf files for kitchen tops and 2D. It features a 5-axis that anyone can use.
  • Modern Technology – Sphere recirculation guides, brushless motors and reducers with little backlash to ensure high speed and precision cutting. Plus, the ability to minimize extra cuts thanks to Sasso’s new PLUNGE CUT technology.

How to Begin Your Countertop Fabrication Projects

Now that we better understand the fabrication process of granite and quartz countertops, it’s time to get to work! Our team is ready to put all of this technology to work on your kitchen or bathroom countertop project and give your home a polished and unique look and feel.

Whether you would like to learn more about the fabrication process or are ready to schedule your countertop consultation, our friendly and knowledgeable team is standing by to guide you through the process. Just give us a call or fill out a contact form.