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The Ultimate Granite Buyer’s Guide

As Austin and San Antonio’s granite countertop experts, we’re commonly approached by friends, family, and customers with questions about purchasing granite for their homes. Over the years we began to realize that we were answering the same types of questions over and over again: How much does granite cost? What colors does granite come in? How can I save money on granite countertops?

granite countertops and home value

Granite Countertops and Home Value

Welcome back guys. I’m Greg Fox, owner of Fox Granite Countertops. I hope you know me by now by all the previous videos that you’ve been watching. Love all the questions you’re sending in. The next topic for this week’s video blog is Granite Countertops and Home Value. You guys had a lot of questions. I’m going through each one one by one and give you hopefully the answers you’re looking for.

granite vs quartz countertops

Granite Vs. Quartz

Thank you for joining us again I’m Greg Fox, as I hope you know from watching our other video blog posts on Level One; I’m the owner of Fox Granite. Today we get a question from Cynthia over in Austin on what exactly is quartz in relation to granite. And the answer is very simple. Quartz is a man-made product that’s made in the United States by a handful of suppliers that takes quartz that has been mined in Brazil mainly, so it’s a natural product, and then it’s made, mixed with concrete to bind it together, and then polished out.

what is level 1 granite

What Is Level 1 Granite?

Hi, my name’s Greg Fox, I’m the owner of Fox Granite Countertops, and I want you guys to send in your emails. We have a submission, a Contact Us page–any question you have, we’re going to be doing this video blog every few weeks to answer all the most sought-after questions. So far, the number one topic is, what is a level one? Why do we, as fabricators, use it so often? We don’t even say “granite,” we just say “level one.”

cleaning granite countertops

Stone Care

Stone is 100% natural and may react adversely to cleaning chemicals and acids not intended for stone care use. This is the reason why acidic substances such as wine, spaghetti sauce, and harsh chemicals must be removed from the surface of the stone immediately. We suggest using an over-the-counter cleaning product specifically for granite countertops,…