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August 31, 2017

What Happens After You Choose Fox?

Today, what I want to talk about is what happens after we sell you a job, right. You choose us to do the work, then what?

The first thing we do is we’re going to send you both an email and we’re also going to call you to schedule your appointments.

The appointments that are going to go on the calendar for our customers are two-fold.

  1. The template
  2. The install

Now our process is three-fold: Template, fabrication, install. The fabrication’s done in our shop, so it’s not an appointment for you all.

After Sam or I schedules the install, we’ll send our guys out. Jesse and our crew come out and make a template of your kitchen or your bath. The template inherently means exact measurements, whether it’s just written on paper, or measuring countertop pieces. We may have to actually make a physical mold of the countertop because it has to move around very specific parts that you don’t want to actually do just making a drawing on paper when you’re cutting on the saw.

So it’s two parts. Drawing with very specific dimensions and a combination of a physical template where we use something called the wood strip method or the plastic strip method.

Roughly, these strips are about two to three inches wide and made of wood or plastic strips. We’re going to lay down on the countertop on all points, glue it together, set the proper overhangs, and make sure it fits right. Then we’re going to take that template as a whole back to the shop. We lay that physical template on the actual slab of granite, draw out the pieces on the physical template, and then make the cuts and proceed to fabricate in the shop.

So, it’s a combination of physical template and measurements, but the only thing that matters, or the things that matters the most, is that the exact measurements we’re cutting off of. So whenever we send our guys– coming in, he’s taking his time, he’s taking 30 or 45 minutes sometimes to get exact measurements to cut off of.

Now, everyone wants to know what are their responsibilities as a consumer, and what do we need from you guys at the template for us to do our job?

One of the things we need is a deposit check from you at the sales appointment, so give us the 50% deposit check when we start work at the template. Just hand it to my guy, Jesse. He’ll make sure he gets it back to me.

The second thing is if we don’t provide you the sink, and you provide your own sink, I need you all to have the physical sink with the template from the manufacturer physically here before we come and template. We need to take that with us back to the shop to make sure we do your undermount cut-out appropriately.

The last thing is, we need you physically here. So even if it’s a remodel and you’re not living there, there are little questions that we need you to answer that I can’t go over through the sales process, that are so important to how the kitchen looks, that we need you physically here. Even though we’ll give you the questions you don’t need to have them ahead of time. We need the answers coming straight from you, on the jobsite, in person, at the actual template.

If we have those three basic things we’ll have everything we need to fabricate your job properly in the shop.

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