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March 25, 2015

Meet Fox Granite Customer, Tina

Video Transcription:

Hi. My name is Tina. We moved in to this house about six months ago and the first thing we wanted to do was upgrade our kitchen. We used the HomeAdvisor app to find Fox Granite. Sam came out and provided samples to us of some granite options. We actually really wanted something
a lot more customized, so we worked with both Sam and Greg to kind of give them a picture of what we had in mind.

Sam came out and met us at the granite yard and we spent a good deal of time having fun running up and down the aisles and choosing
something that was going to be best for us. In the end, we picked exactly what Sam has suggested to us and went through that process of doing
the template and the installation.

Jesse and his crew showed up right on time. They worked very, very hard and efficiently. In addition to that, they were super clean and
respectful of my space and my time.

When everything was completely installed, the backsplash, all the plumbing was reconnected and everything. And I got to see the final
product, I was beyond thrilled.

In the end, me and my husband really feel like everything turned out perfectly. We are super satisfied with the level of attention that was paid
to our job, and I would absolutely recommend Fox Granite to anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen, and improve the look and feel of their

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