Level 1 Granite

Almost 80% of the jobs we’re hired to do are related to installing granite countertops. Most of our clients choose to work with Level 1 granite. Level 1 granite has a high-quality, durable foundation compared to other granite slabs and is less likely to get stains on it. Plus, it’s very affordable for it’s high quality.

Giallo West

Giallo West Countertop

Giallo Ornamental

Giallo Ornamental Countertop

Key West Gold

Key West Gold Countertop


Napolean Countertop

New Caledonia

New Caledonia Countertop

Tan Brown

Tan Brown Countertop

Black Pearl

Black Pearl Countertop

Verde Peacock

Verde Peacock Countertop

Giallo Fiesta

Giallo Fiesta Countertop

Exotic Granite

Exotic granite is known for its inconsistency. As the movement/differentiation of a granite slab increases, so does the price. Choosing an exotic granite means increased cost and maintenance while reducing durability. Have no fear, if exotic is your taste, all this means is paying extra attention to the life-cycle of your sealer and following the guidelines outlined in our stone care page.

Colonial Cream

Colonial Cream Countertop

Crema Bordeaux

Crema Bordeaux Countertop

Fantasy Brown

Fantasy Brown Exotic Granite


Jaguar Exotic Granite Countertop

River Bordeaux

River Bordeaux Exotic Granite

Sienna Bordeaux

Sienna Bordeaux Exotic Granite

Whisper White

Whisper White Exotic Granite

White Ice

White Ice Exotic Granite

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