Custom Granite Countertops in Austin, TX

What is Granite?

Granite is a coarse-grained igneous rock composed primarily of quartz and feldspars, with trace amounts of mica. It’s formed when liquid magma cools in the ground, creating a substance that resembles the durability of a diamond. Granite typically features an impressive display of colors and patterns and is, by far, the most common rock found in the Earth’s outer crust. Due to its appearance, durability and weight, polished granite is an excellent material to use on kitchen countertops!

What Makes Our Granite Countertops Unique?

At Fox Granite Countertops, we carry an immense selection of granite slabs for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. With one of the best selections of granite countertops in Austin, TX, your remodeling project begins and ends with us. We walk you through the design process, take measurements, and cut the granite slabs ourselves, ensuring you receive custom granite countertops that fit perfectly and stand the test of time!

Professional Granite Countertop Installation in Austin, TX


Experienced Specialists

Fox Granite is led by experienced granite countertop specialists with over 15 years in the construction industry. Since 2010, our family-owned countertop shop has provided our expertise and superior work on granite countertop projects in Austin, TX.

Meticulous Planning

After choosing us as your Central Texas granite provider, we will thoroughly plan your granite countertop installation project. We start by preparing you for two in-home appointments: one for measuring and templating your granite countertops and one for installing them.

Superior Craftsmanship

Fox Granite offers high quality slabs to craft our granite countertops form. Our skilled craftsmen transform these granite slabs entirely by hand using specialized tools. Then, they’re fabricated and polished to give you a new, smooth granite countertop.

Types of Granite Countertops

Level 1 Granite for Countertops

At Fox Granite Countertops, nearly 80% of the jobs we are contracted for involve granite countertop installations. For the majority of those installations, clients choose to use Level 1 Granite. Also known as entry level granite, Level 1 Granite is a durable and high quality countertop option. Compared to other granite slabs, Level 1 Granite is less likely to acquire stains over time. Best of all, Level 1 Granite is affordable without sacrificing quality or style. 

With over a decade in the granite countertop industry, Fox Granite offers a wide selection of Level 1 Granite options, such as Giallo West or Black Pearl granite. Our entry level granite slabs come in various colors and are custom-cut to fit your kitchen or bathroom.

Exotic Granite for Countertops

Exotic granite is known for being rare and inconsistent. As the uniqueness of a granite slab increases, so does its price. Opting to go with exotic granite for your kitchen countertops can be more expensive and require more maintenance while sacrificing durability. Have no fear, though! If exotic granite countertops are what you prefer for your Austin, TX home, you must simply take additional steps to care for their countertops. This means paying extra attention to your granite sealer’s lifecycle and following the granite countertop guidelines outlined in our Stone Care page.

Granite Countertops FAQs

Are granite countertops high maintenance?

Granite is not high-maintenance. It’s stain, scratch, heat and chemical resistant and one of the strongest countertop materials available. To ensure it doesn’t get damaged, it’s important to seal your granite countertops.

How often do you need to seal granite countertops?

You don’t need to seal granite frequently like you do with other kitchen countertop materials. There are even some sealants that offer a lifetime warranty against staining after a single application. A good sealant will penetrate deep down and keep bacteria out of tiny crevices in the stone. It is important, however, to dust, wipe up spills, and use potholders on a daily basis to extend the life of your granite countertop.

What's the best way to clean granite countertops?

For granite, you should avoid using all cleaning products as they can severely damage the material. Hot water and dish soap are all you need for daily sanitizing. For a stronger homemade disinfectant, mix together a 50:50 solution of water and 91% isopropyl alcohol. Spray onto the granite, allow it to sit for about five minutes, rinse it with water, and dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

For polishing your granite counter, mix a ¼ cup of baking soda with three cups of warm water. Apply this solution on the granite with a soft cloth. Then, use another cloth to buff the counter.

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