What Services Do We Offer Besides Granite?

I want to talk to you guys about what we do with our services offered.

We at Fox Granite want to make the process as easy as humanly possible. So other than our main business, which is countertops, anything stone related, whether it’s granite, quartz, or soapstone. We can do other small services so you don’t have to hire two or three other people to accomplish your kitchen renovation or bath renovation.


One of the things that we will subcontract out to a reliable contractor is plumbing. When we subcontract it out, we’re not making really anything on it. We’re really trying just to keep the job moving, make sure you have a great experience, and make sure the work is completed after we do the countertop installation in-house.

Our plumbing rates vary from fixture to fixture, but we can re-hook up a kitchen sink and bathroom sink. We can reconnect a gas cooktop or electric cooktop as well. Our team can tap in and add an extra sink in a bathroom if you want to go from one or two. It just really depends on the situation.


The other main thing that we offer is tile work for backsplashes. We’re not in the business of doing flooring tile, and this is, again, something we will subcontract out.

Again, we’re not making very much money on it. We’re just trying to offer something to you guys so the experience is super easy and uncomplicated. So we can remove the old backsplash you currently have, lay out the foundation, which is the sheet rock, and also come install the final backsplash for you.


The last thing we do, which is a little more niche, is converting an existing sink to a farmhouse sink. It takes carpentry. You have to cut into the cabinet, and you have to build a box to support it, and we actually can take on that responsibility for you.


I do want to emphasize that it’s all about you. We really, really, really just want to make it easy for you. As a consumer, when I hire people at my house, sometimes it’s really hard to find people to do small items – come hook up one sink, come do a small backsplash. That’s when we come into play.

I want you to know upfront that our main business is countertops, but we offer these other services that make you happy at pretty much no profit, though. Give us a call. We can give you a quote for everything, whether it’s the countertops or any of these other items. Just let us know and we’ll take care of you.

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