What's New With Quartz?

We all know that quartz is a man-made product using natural materials. Somewhere around 90% to 93% of the actual countertop is quartz, which is quarried naturally usually from Brazil. From there, quartz is glued with Palmers, concrete, or whatever the proprietary method is from the manufacturer.

The cool thing about quartz – for people who want it – is it comes in many different options and styles because they man-make it to whatever it is the public wants.

Currently, what’s going on in the industry is you’re seeing a lot of quartz that are mimicking marbles and granites. Every year they’re doing a better and better job of it.

We carry a ton of samples with us of all the brands so you can see all the options out there because we want you guys to feel comfortable, sample the marble, or the “faux-granite”, so you get the most realistic option.

Again, we’re mimicking a real pattern with a man-made process and that process is still always fluctuating and getting better. Right now, with the number of new colors, we’re doing a really good job.

Cambria Brittanicca is doing a great job mimicking Calcutta Gold marble. Ella is doing a good job mimicking Italian 18-gray base marble and, of course, we always have the tried and true Silestone Lyra, Silestone Helix, and some other brands as well.

Give us a shout we’ll bring them with the samples with us we’ll show you all the variable options as well a traditional quartz colors, which are more of a solid color with a little fleck in it, or more of a solid color almost all the way through. Either way, we will absolutely find what you guys are looking for.

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