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August 11, 2016

How to Create a Farmhouse Sink

Today I want to talk about farmhouse sinks. Everyone loves them. They’re on all the TV shows. What can we do to take a non-farmhouse sink in your current home and renovate to give you a farmhouse sink? Converting a farmhouse sink, what can we do?

It’s pretty easy.

The first thing you do is you go to a plumbing supply store, like a Ferguson, a Morrison, or a Moore Supply, you buy yourself a farmhouse sink.

There’s two types of finishes: stainless steel and the classic porcelain, also known as cast iron. Either way, we can work with either one of them. You bring that sink to us, either you hire someone outside of us or we absolutely can take care of it.

We can cut the current cabinet configuration to trade the space for that apron. That apron that makes it a farmhouse sink is approximately nine to eleven inches deep, or high, more so. It needs to be cut out of the cabinet.

Then we have to build a box to hold the weight of the farmhouse sink up underneath the cut we made into the cabinet, because that’s just a void space, and we need the structural support.

After that we are going to go ahead and template the counter tops around the current sink in place, which we leveled to the height of the cabinet perfectly all the way through. We are using an undermount farmhouse sink. We’ll go back to our shop, we’ll fabricate, we’ll come back and install.

The one thing that we don’t do, unfortunately, in these conversions to farmhouse sinks, is we don’t rebuild the cabinet doors. Now underneath that apron-front the doors are going to get smaller, so we have to take the doors off to get access to cut that ten inches out. And of course the doors can’t be put back.

You’re going to have to find someone on your own, whether it’s a carpenter or a cabinet guy, to either remake the doors or try to adjust the door frame to be cut down smaller and re-hung underneath the apron front of the farmhouse sink. We’re here absolutely to help you in any way, shape or form.

We know the look that you want to create is really beautiful, it’s really distinct. We want to help you accomplish that, so thanks for joining us, guys, I hope this was very helpful. Just give us a call and we can give you an estimate.

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