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August 4, 2013

What Is Level 1 Granite


Hi, my name’s Greg Fox, I’m the owner of Fox Granite Countertops, and I want you guys to send in your emails. We have a submission, a Contact Us page–any question you have, we’re going to be doing this video blog every few weeks to answer all the most sought-after questions. So far, the number one topic is, what is a level one? Why do we, as fabricators, use it so often? We don’t even say “granite,” we just say “level one.”

It’s because it’s the most common granite, it’s the least expensive granite option, and the strongest structural granite choice out there. There are 8 to 14 main base popular level ones, from lights, such as ornamental, to dark, like Uba Tuba. Most people settle in on a beige color like a New Venetian Gold or a Santa Cecilia.

Do you feel like you’re buying something cheap because it’s the least expensive? I personally think, no. All granite is expensive. There’s no such thing as a cheap version. And, in fact, most people choose level ones not just because the price is so good, but because it suits their house. The more exotic you go, (1) the more expensive, which typically runs at least $1,000 more, depending on what level you go to, two, three, four, five, six and (2) the more color differentiation you get from it. That also means that, if you were to try to sell your house, it could be very difficult–what you love may not be what someone else loves.

So, one thing I want you guys to know is, buy what you like, and level one is a really good price point. It really, really is. It starts at $38 a square foot. We stock all the colors in-house, beautiful stone, and the chance of it staining is almost impossible compared to an exotic.

So, I think for now, that concludes this video blog. I hope you guys enjoyed it. And keep sending those submissions with any questions you have, and we’ll continue to do this every couple weeks. Thanks.

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