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January 24, 2018

What are the Countertop Trends for 2018?

Today what I wanted to go over considering it’s a new year are 2018 countertop trends. What’s going on right now, what do I think’s going to go on, and how does that help you guys make a good decision.

This year the trends we’re looking at are going to be mainly granite and quartz.

There’re going to be a lot of white-based granites, marble-looking quartz, plain white quartz, gray quartz for the most part, and then beautiful granites that are white-based like white ice. Brown-based too, which is still in fashion, I think will continue to get stronger again in response to white and grays being around for so long like Hawaii, like Napoleon, like sienna beige, some colonial golds.

Also in the trends for 2018 are going to be continued strong up-taking in your wood cabinets, and painting them mainly white, and sometimes gray. The kitchen I’m in right now is a white-painted cabinet. Now, I think this look is great. This is actually probably going to be replicated hundreds, if not thousands, of times this year, and it never goes out of fashion.

What we want to focus on in 2018 are things that are not going to timestamp your house. We want something that’s going to look good for 10, 15 years because this is expensive, and it has to look good. So we want fresh, clean. We want to know it’s 2018, but we still want it to be somewhat classic in the sense that it’s not going to go out of fashion, right? And that’s the creams like sienna bordeaux.

When it comes to quartz, we are going to see marble-looking quartz still dominate the quartz landscape. One of the biggest advantages of the quartz countertops is that it serves a look. I’m not talking about maintenance. It serves a look that granite just doesn’t come in naturally. The carrara marbles, the calcutta golds are so soft, they stain so easily, they edge so easily if you have a polish on them, that we don’t see those requested very much anymore, and that’s what leads us to the marble-looking quartz which is the kitchen I’m in right now. Beautiful. Becoming more and more popular. More colors, more realistic like the original stuff. Yeah, it’s definitely a high price-point, but there are a few that we’ve identified that are really good price-points, and still very accurate.

We’re also going to see plain white quartz as a good mainstay for quartz. We’re going to see gray quartz that’s mimicking essentially concrete countertops.

The great news is, you guys have so many resources on our website to look at, all these awesome pictures of past customers’ homes for anything, any type of cabinet, any type of countertop.

So the key is finding something you guys love. Finding something that doesn’t timestamp us in 2018, but does still feel like it’s new and fresh, but also can last 10 to 15 years. And that’s the key to our business.

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