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November 28, 2017

What are Some Misconceptions About Your Countertops?

Today what I want to cover is all the kind of prep work and the factors that are somewhat not in our control as a countertop guy that lead us to have to be so good at our jobs to leave you with something that’s professionally installed.

But what that means is not perfection. I can’t give perfection because the entire context of anyone’s kitchen is not perfection.

Now, what I mean by that are a couple of basic things.

The first thing is nothing is level in anyone’s house. You can prove me wrong and take out a laser level. Maybe your job is the one of 1000, but I mean as a whole, nothing is ever level. Even if you zoom in here, the top of this is lower than this metal, which is also a different height that this sheetrock, which is a different height than this metal, which is a different height than the panel over there, which is a different height than that piece of wood right there. It’s all different heights.

So the question is, what can I do? Someone who actually really, really cares about giving you as close to perfection as possible?

Well, the answer is that everyone who works for me, especially my installer, Jesse, is a professional. They are 15 to 20 years experienced, and we always spend that extra hour dealing with these things. We’re not going to just come into your house, slap on the countertop, not shim it, not spend the extra time, not fair what the points are.

We’re going to come in, look at the situation, know it’s bad or good, spend whatever time is necessary to get it to be professionally installed even though it’s not perfect, right?

The other kind of thing is from side-to-side things are not straight. From this point to this point, if I shot a laser line right here, it won’t be perfectly square even though our general goal is to have an inch and a half overhang from the cabinet box. If we want to achieve that, we have to have the countertop crooked and round to go with the change in the cabinets or the wall in that case.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to cut the piece straight, leave our cuts at 90 degrees, keep them square looking straight. And to do that, we have to make tough calls on the presentation which is the cabinets mainly and the walls not being square or how to rectify those things and reconcile them so that we have you feeling good about our install.

The other kind of situation that affects people, too, affects us is just the walls. Whenever you have interaction with the wall and then a front cabinet, we want the front piece to be, for the most part, looking square. But the wall is not square. So if we’re going to cut the piece square, that leaves gaps.

We’re going to strategically place those gaps where tile backsplash can cover it on the wall. But what we don’t want to do is, we don’t want to cut things around it and crooked the pieces in the hope they fit in right and then it all goes good. It’s just not going to happen.

So we’re going to take all these things in your house that are not perfect. And we’re going to be perfect on our end as far as being professional, put in the extra time in caring, we’ll definitely leave you with a professionally installed product that we can be proud that we’re doing it better than 99% of the other companies out there.

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