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November 11, 2015

Types of Range Stove Tops

Video Transcription:

Hi everybody. I’m Greg Fox, the owner of Fox Granite Countertops, and I’m happy to be here to talk to you guys about ranges and cook
I get a lot of email submissions and comments through YouTube about, “What do I do about my range, about my cooktop?” First and foremost, let’s identify the different types so you guys can figure out which one is best for you.

You have a cooktop. By definition, a cooktop is a cooking device that sits on top of the countertop. There’s a cabinet under it, and a countertop under it, and we actually will cut out the cooktop into the countertop and drop it in. It’s just to cook, put your pots and pans, heat everything up, and do all your cooking on.

Your other option is a range. A range is something that sits on the floor, It’s a combination of an oven and a cooktop in one. And that’s the most common cooking appliance that are in people’s homes. The range has two interesting things about it. You can get a traditional range, which has been around forever, where the controls are in the back, meaning two pieces of granite stop on the sides of the range and don’t go behind it. There’s nothing to connect behind the actual range. Or you can get a slider range – which is relatively new in the last five years or so, becoming very popular – where the top of the range goes all the way almost to the wall at countertop level. The controls are in the front. You still have the oven underneath it. so it sits on the floor, and the granite or countertop service goes to the sides, goes and connect behind it with a separate piece.

We need to know what kind of surface you’re using so we know do that little rail in the back. If you’re doing a sliding range, you don’t have one. All you guys have to do is just tell us, and we’ll do a generic rail, and we’ll cut it to fit perfectly on site. The obvious benefits of doing a sliding range is that backer, that’s about six to seven inches, is no longer there so you see more of your tile backsplash behind it. It’s just that nice, clear view. There’s no right or wrong answer, guys. You guys can go with whatever works for you. Regardless of the options, guys, we’re always going to customize the countertops to your choices. I just wanted to let you know what the options are in case you’re switching appliances so you can make the best decision. We’ll always make the countertops fit perfectly for you. So, thanks again.

Hope you join us on the next blog and call us with any questions. Thank you.

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