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August 14, 2015

The Pros and Cons Of Turning Your High Bar into a Peninsula

Video Transcription:

Thanks for watching everybody. I’m Greg Fox from Fox Granite Counter-tops, and I am making this video for all you out there who are deciding
between whether to keep your high bar or chop it down [music].

First and foremost, we can definitely do the work for you. You don’t have to do it yourself, or go online, and find a carpenter or handyman. We can do everything all in one shot. We would schedule our guys to come out, cut it down, move any of your light switches, disposal switch your disposal. If there’s plumbing in the way, we can encounter that problem and also take care of that for a small charge too. Have no fear, we can take care of it that’s the way you want to go.

Now, should you cut it down? I like the idea of cutting down the high bar. Opening up the space, having a nice clear view to your breakfast area, or dining room, your family room. Interact with all your guests. I don’t have to buy a high bar stool I can just pull up a chair, it’s counter-top height, all that 36 inches. I have more prep space, so a lot times the high bar’s right behind your sink, and once you cut it down you can really spread it out. I can roll cookies on there, I can bake anything I want. I have this awesome open big space. Plus, I get to see more with the granite. Once you cut it down, you go from two separate pieces, a 26 inch piece wide where your sink is, underneath the high bar at counter-top level, and your high bar’s anywhere from 12 and 14, two separate pieces. Once you cut down the average size width of a peninsula that we do, it’s about 43 inches. That’s a pretty good section of granite. That’s almost the whole width of the slab. You can see all the beautiful grain running through, just a beautiful, beautiful shot when you walk into your kitchen.

Now if you don’t want to cut down your high bar, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t do it. If you cut it down, you’re basically taking away the separation from the kitchen to your living room or your dining room. Which means when you’re doing your dishes you have no privacy. You’re spilling water directly on to whoever’s behind the sink sitting there. It’s just all open, and that could be a bad thing for you. I think, do whatever you feel comfortable with. Whether you want to keep it separate or open it up and just know that we can take care of it if you need to. I hope this clears everything up, and thanks for watching again, and come check out all the other video blogs right here in this corner. Thanks.

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