Meet Fox Granite Customer, Gil

Video Transcription:

Hi, my name is Gil Cuevas. I’m a college professor. My wife and I have lived in this house for about eight years, and so we started thinking about doing some remodeling, and we decided to start with the kitchen. My wife went on Angie’s List and we found Fox Granite – excellent reputation, good comments on the website. So, we had them come and give us an estimate and show us the materials. They also helped us select the materials. We finally ended up with a Napoleon Granite and a Travertine Tile.

One of the impressive things about Fox Granite was the fact that Sam, after the work was done – about a week or so – called us up to inquire about the satisfaction with the work, how well it looked, if they needed to do any kind of additional work to take care of little details, and we said, “No. Everything is perfect. We really liked the work.”

A couple of weeks after the work was done, we had a bunch of friends here for dinner. Of course, the kitchen was the star of the show. Everyone was very impressed with the quality of the work, with the tile, with everything, and so everyone inquired, “Who did your work?” So we mentioned Fox Granite. The kitchen turned out so well that for any future projects, such as the bathrooms, we will contact Fox Granite.

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