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April 27, 2017

How We Cut Granite

Today I wanted to cover how we cut granite. So I do not know if you guys are familiar, but when the granite comes to us, as the fabricator and installer, we get it in slab form.

A slab is roughly 10 feet long by roughly 6 feet tall and about an inch and a quarter thick. It is still extremely heavy even though it is an inch and a quarter thick. So we have to operate with forklifts and some people use cranes to transport it and take it from your a frame and take it to your cutting table.

It is all about the cutting table, that’s where the accuracy starts and leads you down the path of having a very clean install. we use one of the most reliable bridge saws. It’s called a bridge saw because it has a bridge sitting over pillars that carry the weight and the saw kind of goes over it and plunge cuts the granite.

The brand that we use is Parks Industries, they are made in the USA and they are one of the most reliable brands that have been around forever. We use the Yukon semi-automatic bridge saw, so we are using technology in its best form for this semi-automatic part of the consistency, but we also have a manual component so we can control the technology and get the cleanest and best cuts. And we have a saw that works accurately for ten years instead of breaking down after one or two years because it had just way too much technology.

So you set up this 20-foot by 20-foot bridge saw, which is massive, and you load the slab onto the table, using a tilting table. the slab goes down and the bridge saw comes from overhead and plunge cuts through and we rotate the table to reflect the angles of the kitchen. You know picking out the best layout to make the counter tops look the most natural as the saw moves through your countertops layouts.

We’re going to take it to our tables, were going to load it and fabricate it and then polish it up to make sure the quality control is fantastic. So that when we bring it out to you I mean this stuff is just shining and beautiful and just looks fantastic.

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