How to Disinfect Granite Countertops

Disinfecting countertops. What does it mean? What do you use for non-stone counter tops? Right? Formica, wood, whatever. Well, we get this question all the time from our customers, and we know that our customers were using on their past counter tops vinegar-based disinfectants, bleach-based disinfectants. They often want to carry that same modality into stone countertops, like granite, of course. This is granite right here guys.

The one thing you absolutely cannot do with natural stone is you cannot use anything vinegar based with high acid, and you can’t use anything bleach based. It will damage the surface, whether it’s granite or whether it’s quartz.

So then the question is, how do I kill all the bacteria like I do with my other countertops? Keeping bacteria on the surface is directly related to sealing the countertops. You guys can buy any sealer you want. We like Dry-Treat Stain-Proof. We think it’s the best. The better I seal the countertops and plug up these pores, the less stuff will go in it.

The only thing you can use to clean your granite countertops on a daily basis is a granite or stone approved daily cleaner. There’s no special disinfectant for granite out there that says granite disinfectant that you use different than a daily cleaner.

Be really, really hardcore about the word disinfectant or antibacterial. First of all, granite is super dense to begin with. It is very much a great countertop for antibacterial and to not store bacteria. But if you want to focus on that process of keeping it bacteria free, you really want to focus on the sealing process. You really want to dump so much sealer, five, six, seven coats, that you’ve plugged all the pores so nothing goes in it and you just clean the surface with your normal daily cleaner. Every single day, just wiping it down, understanding that nothing is going into it.

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