How to Choose Your Granite Slab

Video Transcription:

Hi everybody, my name’s Greg Fox from Fox Granite Countertops. Today we’re going to talk about handpicking your slab material.

You don’t have to, first and foremost, and a lot of people don’t especially with level one material. So consistent, as long as the granite provider, such as myself, buys really, really high quality clean material, you don’t have to see it and you can have a very good comfort level that you’re not going to get any major surprises, weird veins, big birthmarks. You’re all good. Now however, if you’re just the type of person that wants to see what you’re buying, which I am too, or you’re buying high-end material where every slab is so different, we definitely would go either to our shop or to one of our suppliers to handpick your material. I suggest, whoever you’re hiring, choose the granite countertop fabricator before you go pick the material.

I’ve seen this time and time again where a customer will go out, not picking a fabricator, pick the material, call me up, “Hey Greg, can you price out some material?” I never see it, we sign you up, contract the job, I get the slab back to my shop and there’s cracks in it, ugly veins, bad resin marks, I send it back, we lose time – now we lose two or three weeks – we have to go pick it again.

Now I would love for you to hire me, but even if you don’t hire me, I would say get a quote off of the colors you like, pick your fabricator, then make sure he goes
with you to the slab yard to handpick the material because I literally have, probably I’d say 50% of all slabs that I’ve seen with customers, have had nicks because there’s some sort of major problem with it. So I’m just trying to make it super convenient for you guys. I want you guys to get the highest quality, best looking material without any problems with it. So, hopefully you all can take this advice and run with it.

Thanks guys for watching our video, I really appreciate your time, and we have some amazing other videos right here to check out. All sorts of topics to cover: level one granite, ceiling, you name it we have it.

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