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February 28, 2017

Granite Dishwasher Brackets

So today we’re talking about dishwasher brackets. We get questions all the time about “how do you adhere the dishwasher to the granite?” “Are you going to drill into the granite?” “Are you going to screw it in?” And we say don’t worry we’ve looked at all the products, and the product that works the best is the E-Z Dishwasher Bracket.

95% of our jobs get them installed in, and in the other percentage there are height differences, we can’t manage to install there is another way to do it.

This dishwasher bracket is fantastic. There’s a piece of metal with flaps that you screw into the cabinets and goes right above the dishwasher underneath the granite. You can not drill into the granite so you have to screw into this bracket that is made of metal. So we install it right beneath the granite, and the dishwasher has usually these two flaps on each side. You screw the flap into the actual dishwasher bracket, it holds it in place so the dishwasher stays in place when you open up the door.

When people don’t do it right they just jack up the dishwasher to the bottom of the granite and shove it in there. So when you open the door the whole thing doesn’t move, but then the door doesn’t open as good because you’re shoved all the way up to the granite.

Every dishwasher installer should know about dishwasher brackets. There’s a couple other systems that do not work as good. But anyone that you use should be using some sort of bracket system which should not leave you stranded with nothing to use and your dishwasher just hanging out there and no way to set it in place again.

So we do it the right way. We use the right product, you guys can check it out E-Z Dishwasher Bracket.

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