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October 22, 2014

Granite Chip Repair

Video Transcription: Hey guys my name is Greg Fox, I’m the owner of Fox Granite Countertops. I’m so glad you guys join me today on this video blog. We have tons of questions about chips.

So what do you do when you have a chip? Well the first thing you do is you call me whether you have the counter top installed by someone else – six, ten whatever, five years ago – or whether I installed your counter tops. We can send our guys over, have no fear and we can patch it for about $200 for the trip charge. Keep in mind though, whenever you have a chip and we fill it in, we’re filling it in with artificial substance called Epoxy. The Epoxy has a different sheen to the actual granite, okay. No matter what we do, how good we are, we’re not going to match it perfectly. In addition to that, if the color of the Epoxy as well as in a way artistically draw the pattern as close to as possible which is not going to happen perfectly has your current granite counter tops. Granite is natural, the fixes are natural so it’s going to be a little bit of an obvious notice to it. We’ll do our best to hide it.

So to kind of step back a few steps considering the cost, you may not want to fill the chip. Once my counter tops, I won’t necessarily feel the chip. If it’s very small, it’s not in my way, not my everyday use, not my sink, or where I’m prepping vegetables or meat to go on the grill, I will actually not fill it because it cause more attention to it than otherwise.

I’m only going to fill it that’s on the edge and right in front of me to where it’s in my way, I feel it in there. But if you want to still fill it, no matter where it is, of course, we are happy to oblige and help you out in a matter if you’re our customer to begin with or someone else’s customer. We can definitely help you out. So give us a call. If you have any problems, we can come out and we can take care of all those chips for you. Thanks.

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