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February 29, 2016

Choosing Granite That Looks Like Marble


Hey you all, thanks for watching again! I’m Greg Fox from Fox Granite countertops, and I really want to talk to everyone today about choosing white granite that looks like marble. We’ve all been there – we’re trying to mimic the look of marble, but it is really challenging, and we find ourselves hitting a lot of obstacles along the way.

I’ve come to the conclusion that you cannot mimic marble, so I try to draw the components of marble that you’re interested in. Most of the time, it’s white-based, it’s reflecting a lot of light, it’s very airy, it’s stretching out your kitchen to make it feel bigger – and subtlety and crispness. So those are the 3 basic things I think we’re trying to accomplish.

I think we’ll have more of a chance of being successful and finding something you love if we just look at the components. There are probably 3-5 granites out there that are the most popular that capture these qualities.

One of these is colonial white. Colonial white is a grayish based background color, so it doesn’t have as much crispness as a white marble, but the subtlety is there. The pattern is very soothing and subtle. It gives you the opportunity to expand your countertop, but it’s not going to have the white crispness.

Another granite that’s really popular is ice white. Ice white can be more of a traditional granite, and the background color is usually pretty white. It’s a really good option if you want the boldness of the veining that colonial white doesn’t provide.

Another color is called river white. Now, river white was discontinued awhile back. If you can find a really white one, it can be really bright and engaging.

There’s a color called Bahamas white at Midwest Tile right now that people are loving because it’s really white. The pattern is moving, but it’s not that bold, so you have to be really open to new colors popping in and out.

The goal is looking for the components: the background color, if you want it crisp, if you want it bold, if you want subtle, and what kind of movement. Just not trying to compare to marble.

With all these processes, you’ll be really successful, and, of course, if you hire me, I’ll be there to help create the context for the best selection. Good luck shopping!

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