Choosing an Edge for Your Countertop

Hi, everybody. I’m Greg Fox, owner of Fox Granite Countertops. We’re back for another installment of our patented video blog. There are so many questions to answer, and this week we’re talking about countertop edges.


We get a lot of questions from people. What countertop edge should I choose? How does it affect the look of my kitchen? My goal in this video is to answer all those questions. We carry four main standard edge styles. When I say standard, I mean there is no extra charge for them. They’re already in the price of the granite slabs. They’re all great, beautiful edges that are perfectly fine from a $200,000 house to a million dollar a house that is all beautiful.


The most popular is the half bullnose edge. Half bullnose is like a waterfall – half round the top, flat on the bottom. The reason why people love this edge is that it hides it. Just kind of flows over the countertop. There’s no real start or stopping point. Plus, as far as safety’s concerned, it’s the least likely to cause an injury. Thinking about kids running around, maybe you want to go with something that’s the safest option possible. The half bullnose will be good for you guys.

Now, if you want something that is really bold like, “Hey, I want the edge to stand out from the top of my countertop. I want to have an extra dimension.” Then the big bevel is definitely for you. It’s a big angle, then it’s squared down. So light’s going to catch it differently at the top, on the angle, and on the bottom. So it stands out and reflects more light. It’s more impactful.

Now, the other two edges is a small beveled edge. Same concept as a big beveled edge except it’s smaller. Now, what does that smaller bevel make you feel? How does your kitchen feel? It makes it feel a little more formal. Don’t ask me why, but it always does. So if you’re kind of traditional type of person, you really want things to be formal and just really elegant, the small beveled edge is probably a really, really good option for you.

Now, if you want something modern, or just something simple and sleek, the square edge is definitely for you guys. It’s exactly what it described – flat in the middle, small around the top, small around the bottom, just so it doesn’t chip in case you accidentally hit it with a pot or a pan, but pretty much square all the way through.


Probably the most popular upgrade edge we carry is the ogee. The ogee, which is on our website under the edge profile selections, is a big groove and then around on the bottom. It really, really formats your space, which is either a good thing or a bad thing. It’s a good thing if you love the way it looks and just has this look you cannot imitate with another edge. It’s a really bad thing if you put it in and it makes everything feel super heavy. The full bullnose is an edge that’s not that expensive. It is an upgrade. It’s just a full round all the way on top and bottom. It does make the countertop look thinner, and around the sink area, the water can roll from the sink area right into the cabinets because there’s no stopping point. Be very careful with that edge, guys.

I hope all your questions are answered. I hope it was informative. If there are any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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