March 19, 2021

5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Kitchen

Love it or hate it, spring cleaning is a tradition for a reason. It helps to set up the rest of the year for success and make sure that there's not too much clutter around the house! That's why Fox Granite is here to give you some of our best tips on how to spring clean your kitchen.

1. Clean from Top to Bottom

This is an oldie-but-goldie that not everyone knows. When you're wanting to get that deep, thorough clean, you'll want to start from the top and work downward. This helps to ensure that you don't get dust on areas you've already cleaned. Start with any ceiling fixtures (and the ceiling itself), then move to the top of your cupboards. Remove the window curtains for changing out or washing, then clean the windows. (This is great for the rest of your spring cleaning, too!) Go to the next tallest appliances like the top of your fridge for more dusting, then be sure to remove and clean any wall art or decor. Now you're ready for everything else!

2. Sort Your Pantry

The pantry usually gets left for last because it can be daunting, but believe us - you'll want to get it done upfront! Start by removing everything from your pantry and setting it on the floor. Dust and clean the light fixtures and the shelving (you may want to use a toothpick or skewer to dig out any nasty build-up around corners or edges). Now you'll want to tackle the items in your pantry. Sorting them on the floor makes everything a bit easier. Check expiration dates and throw away anything that looks damaged or bulged. If you find good items that you just don't want anymore, now's a great time to donate to the food bank! Wash off the exterior of items such as honey and jams, then return your newly organized items to the pantry.

3. Deep Clean the Fridge

Again, the fridge is one of those daunting tasks that should be taken care of upfront. Much like your pantry, you'll want to remove everything, sort it into groups, check expiration dates and for any damage, and wash off the exterior of condiment bottles. Cleaning the shelving is both easy and a burden. It's hard to fit into the sink and the temperature has to be perfect as to not shatter the glass. A toothbrush will be your best friend here, as you scrub every nook and cranny. You'll also want to top it all off by popping open a fresh box of baking soda to help remove any odors once you're done.

4. Be Patient & Break Cleaning Into Stages

Chances are you aren't going to be able to get away with a quick wipe down. Having the patience to actually clean down your kitchen countertops, shelving, and even flooring properly is a must. Whether you have gummy corners or grimy grout, you're going to have to do several-stage cleaning. This usually involves a warm water soak followed by some major scrubbing and digging out gunk from corners, then a final clean and possibly polish. It may be a big undertaking, but it will leave everything sparkling like new. For additional information on how to clean and polish for your kitchen countertops, check out our essential guide for countertop care.

5. Switch Out Linens & Dishware

Now is the perfect time to take down the curtains, tablecloth, mittens, and all other kitchen linens, give 'em a wash, and replace them with something a bit more in-season or updated. You can also switch out your dishware to something more seasonal, or just something newer with less wear and tear. While there's still plenty of cleaning to be had, we hope that these 5 awesome tips to get your kitchen done this Spring helps you just that much more!

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