October 4, 2021

How To Take Care Of Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a tough and durable stone that makes for beautiful and long-lasting countertops. Since quartz isn’t porous like its counterpart granite, it is much easier to keep it free of bacteria, grease, and dirt and is generally low maintenance. But in order to get the most out of your quartz countertops, there are a few things you should consider in order to take proper care of the quartz in your home. In this post from the Fox Granite blog, we’ll discuss how to take care of quartz countertops.

Cleaning Your Quartz Countertops

Clean Using Mild Dish Soap & Soft Rag

Mix a mild dish soap in warm water and dunk your soft rag into it. Then, using the rag, gently wipe down the surface of your quartz countertops. Repeat this process as often as you need. As Quartz is not porous, cleaning it often will have no adverse effect.

Use A Putty Knife For Dried Stains And Grime

For dried stains of food or other dirt, scrape this off using a simple putty knife. Only gently scrape the areas with an excessive build-up of grime. For quick access to your putty knife for scraping, we recommend keeping it in a nearby drawer.

Wipe Down Quartz Countertops Using A Degreaser

For an overall clean of a dirtier countertop, use a degreaser and spray it on the countertops. Ensure that you’re using a spray that is free of bleach, which can damage and stain your quartz countertops permanently. If using a disinfectant wipe, also ensure that this has no bleach included. When you’re done wiping down your countertops, make sure to wipe down your counter again using mild soap and a soft rag.

Preventing Damage To Your Quartz Countertops

Attend to Spills As Soon As They Happened

While low maintenance stone like quartz isn’t known for permanent stains, it can happen. If you notice a spill, no matter how minor it may seem, you should attend to it and clean it immediately. Use mild dish soap and a soft rag for cleaning spills on a quartz countertop.

Avoid Placing Hot Pans & Pots Directly On The Quartz Surface

Hot pans, electric skillets, and crock pots are all items that you should avoid placing directly on your quartz countertops. If it's hot enough, it’s possible that your quartz countertop may get damaged by these hot objects.

Use A Coaster (Especially With Citrus Based Drinks)

Another thing that you should try to avoid is placing a “sweating” drink directly onto the quartz countertop. While staining isn’t common from just water, it can happen from colored drinks, especially those with high citric acid content.

Use A Cutting Board

While the wide-open space of your new quartz countertop may tempt you to perform the cutting of meats and vegetables directly on its surface, it’s recommended to still use a cutting board. While quartz countertops are scratch-resistant, they are not scratch-proof. Additionally, knives will begin to get dull as they are worn against the surface of the quartz countertop.

Never Use Bleach On Quartz Countertops

Using bleach on your quartz countertops is one of the most common ways that people permanently damage the surface. Bleach, turpentine, certain drain cleaners, and other harsh agents can really do a number on your quartz countertop.

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