July 28, 2023

Granite Countertops & Cooking: Maximizing Functionality while Maintaining Beauty

As a cornerstone of both form and function, granite countertops have long held a revered status in kitchens across Austin and San Antonio. Here at Fox Granite, we're committed to not only helping you select the perfect granite countertop for your kitchen but also ensuring you understand how to maintain its natural beauty, particularly when cooking. Today, we'll discuss some key considerations to keep in mind during your culinary adventures concerning your granite countertops.

Hot Pans and Granite: A Word of Caution

Granite is a heat-resistant material, which is one of the reasons it's popular for kitchen countertops. But can you place hot pans directly onto the granite? While granite can technically withstand the heat, we strongly advise against this practice.Firstly, rapid temperature changes (which can cause thermal shock) can result in granite cracking. It's unlikely, but possible, especially with repeated exposure. Secondly, if your granite is sealed, the sealant is not as heat-resistant as the stone itself and could be damaged by a hot pan. Using trivets or heat pads is a smart way to maintain the integrity of your granite countertops while cooking.

Avoid Stains with Spoon Rests and Coasters

Granite countertops, while quite resilient, can be susceptible to staining from various food and drink items. One of the most common culprits is placing spoons or other cooking utensils directly on the granite after stirring sauces or soups. The residue from these items can potentially stain the granite, especially if it's a lighter shade.To prevent this, use a spoon rest or even a small dish to hold your utensils while cooking. Similarly, be aware of placing drink cups or wine glasses directly onto the granite. Using coasters can help prevent the formation of ring stains from condensation or accidental spills.

Cutting Directly on Granite: Not the Best Idea

Another common question we get at Fox Granite is about cutting directly on granite countertops. Granite is indeed hard - harder than many knife materials. However, cutting directly on the granite can dull your knives quickly. Moreover, although it's unlikely, there's a small chance that an extremely forceful chop could chip the countertop.To safeguard both your kitchenware and your granite countertops, we recommend using a cutting board at all times.

Routine Cleaning for Longevity

Finally, it's essential to clean your granite countertops regularly to keep them looking their best. Always wipe up spills immediately to prevent them from seeping into the granite (even if it's sealed, some liquids can penetrate over time). A simple solution of mild dish soap and warm water works well for regular cleaning. Avoid harsh or abrasive cleaners that can damage the sealant or scratch the granite.

For Granite Countertops in Austin and San Antonio, Trust Fox Granite

With some mindful practices, you can enjoy cooking in your kitchen with granite countertops without compromising their beauty or durability. If you have more questions about granite countertop maintenance or are considering installing a new granite countertop in Austin or San Antonio, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Fox Granite. We are here to make your kitchen as beautiful and functional as it can be. Contact us today online or over the phone to book your FREE consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put hot pans on granite countertops? While granite countertops are known for their heat resistance, Fox Granite does not recommend placing hot pans directly from the stovetop to your granite countertop. This is because rapid temperature changes can cause thermal shock, which can result in granite cracking. Although thermal shock occurring on granite countertops is uncommon, it is possible, and using a trivet or potholder on your granite countertop will ensure longevity.

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