March 6, 2019

Countertops Cost Guide: Budgeting for a Countertop Upgrade

Creating a Countertop Budget

Determining your kitchen or bathroom countertop budget can be a more complicated process than most people think. Replacing a countertop involves more than just removing the old one and installing the new one. There's removing and replacing backsplash and laminate sheets, reconnecting plumbing, paint touch-ups, and installing a new sink or stovetop.You may not have known about some of these steps in replacing a countertop. Let's go over some of the lesser-known processes and why they're important. If you're already an expert, you can skip to the bottom to see which services we at Fox Granite cover and which we don't.

What is a Backsplash?

The backsplash is the material used to protect the area of the wall behind your kitchen or backroom countertop. It's most commonly made of tile, but you'll also see homes with stone, stainless steel, and other types of backsplash. Designing your own ceramic tile backsplash can be an excellent opportunity to exercise your own creativity with unique colors and patterns.

Why is Having a Backsplash Important?

A backsplash isn't just there for its aesthetic appeal. It serves several practical functions, the most important of which is protecting your walls from stains, spots, and water damage. When you happen to make a mess while cooking, a backsplash is much easier to clean than drywall. All that's required is a quick wipedown, and there's little to no risk of water damage to the wall behind.

What is a Laminate Sheet?

A laminate sheet is a plastic covering placed over a countertop to protect it from stains, scratches, and heat. Typically about 1/6th of an inch thick, they are both durable and waterproof.

Why is Having a Laminate Sheet Important?

Once you invest in a quality new countertop, you'll want to protect it. Laminate sheeting might not act as complete insurance for your countertop, but it should give you some assurance that your kitchen countertop is safe.

Services Fox Granite Covers

At Fox Granite, we can cover all of the essentials of replacing your kitchen or bathroom countertop. The price you pay with us covers any and all of the following services:

  • removing your current countertop
  • cost of materials used
  • sink installation

In other words, we'll take care of removing your current countertop and replacing it with a new one, with the optional replacement/addition of a new sink.

Services Fox Granite Does Not Cover

At Fox Granite, we want you to feel great about every dollar you pay. We are experts at installing new countertops. As stated above, however, there are additional steps associated with buying a new countertop that are important.We do not remove or replace backsplash. Nor do we replace laminate sheeting. You should keep both of these costs in mind when you are budgeting for your new kitchen countertop.

Replacing You Countertop?

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